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"Homeward Bound"

Ed Siarkowicz becomes the Official Photographer for the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce!

Click on the image above to view Ed's appearance on  First Coast News, Jacksonville 07.18.2014

Ed Siarkowicz releases sixth magazine cover, "Fantastic Flagler" 2014-2015

"Phoenix Rising"

World Trade Center


Now in the offices of President George W. Bush, Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani,

U.S. Congressman Ron DeSantis & Florida Senator Travis Hutson.

Flagler Beach Historical Museum announces iconic Hurricane Sandy piece to go on permanant display.

"Hurricane Sandy, Flagler Beach Pier"

I am both honored and pleased to announce that I am now being mentored by Pierre Matisse.

John Olivo,   Pierre Matisse,   Ed Siarkowicz

     It was a last minute invitation to a private party that landed me in the home of Pierre Matisse, the 90 year old grandson of French Master, Henri Matisse. A statement of admiration regarding his work led to a conversation on photography and the discovery that Matisse had been a professional photographer for over 40 years. I received an invitation back to his  home the next day and after another amazing exchange  of ideas I was invited to study with him. We are now on the final edit of a collaborative book with  my long time friend and mentor - 45 year New York City photographer John Olivo. Stay tuned for more announcements about the opening release!

Welcome to The Scud Buster Diaries !

     I've had a passion for inclement weather since I was a commercial fisherman on Long Island's Great South Bay. In those days weather awareness was a matter of reading the sky so that we could stay out on the water longer to improve our harvest before having to take shelter. Florida's potential for severe weather is amazing and, wanting to become more proficient at photographing storms, I became a certified Skywarn weather spotter with the National Weather Service in April of 2015. After learning that all of  Flagler County is in a "gap" of radar coverage between Jacksonville and Melbourne Doppler installations, I formed The Scud Buster Diaries storm chasing group. Photographer Monique Sirios Futch and Attorney-Photographer Scott W. Spradley and I pooled four years of storm chasing photographs and then approached the Flagler County Emergency Operations Center and Jacksonville National Weather Service telling them of our plan to "storm chase for public safety". Our efforts received an endorsement from both leading to the formation of two Facebook Messenger groups - The Scud Buster Diaries Chat comprised of myself, Monique, Scott, Bob Pickering with the Flagler EOC, NWX-JAX Meteorologist Ben Nelson, and FCTV Program Director/Cameraman Carlos Hernandez and The Northeast Florida Weather Spotters, consisting of 40 Skywarn certified Florida storm spotters and chasers. Every system that comes towards Flagler County is monitored by the two groups and then photographs and video footage are provided directly to the EOC and NWS to aid in the issuing of severe weather alerts that come to us "under the radar". CLICK ON the triangular Scud Buster Diaries logo to visit our web page.

Ed Siarkowicz becomes the Campaign Photographer for John Lamb, Candidate for Flagler County Sheriff.

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Ed Siarkowicz Photographs on Display at the:

    Five years ago I was asked by the State of Florida to participate in a rising sea level study they were spearheading through the University of Florida in Ganiesville. The area of study was the Matanzas Basin which is bordered by the Matanzas Inlet, Marineland, River to Sea Preserve and Princess Place Preserve. After supplying restrospective photographs from 4 years earlier, I photographed the same locations within the basin documenting incidents of erosion and damage. The study is now on display in a photographic diorama at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville. If you're in the area stop in and take a look at the display and the photographs I contributed to the study. 

In a collaborative effort between Marineland Dolphin Adventures & Ocean Art Gallery, Flagler Beach, Ed Siarkowicz spearheads

Marineland Photography Adventures. 

Click on the Marineland Dolphin Adventures logo to be redirected to receive more information.

Cover #7  -  Flagler County Emergency Management Guide - Hurricane Sandy at the Flagler Beach Pier.

Click on the Disaster Guide to be redirected to the Flagler County Emergency Operations Center.

Cover #8  -  Destination Flagler Beach

Available until June 2016!

Lisa Danziger-Fisher Joins Marineland Photography Adventures

   Ed Siarkowicz Photographic Images, LLC, in conjunction with the collaborative effort between Marineland Dolphin Adventures and Ocean Art Gallery of Flagler Beach, is pleased to announce the addition of Lisa Fisher to the staff of Marineland Photography Adventures. The photography program, spearheaded by Ed Siarkowicz, will now be expanded to include a separate iPhone and Android platform cell phone photography class. Click the Marineland Dolphin Adventure logo for class information. Click on the Ocean Art Gallery logo to visit Ed Siarkowicz's home gallery and on Lisa's picture to visit her award winning multimedia design site, Lisa Fisher Designs.

The Scud Buster Diaries at Old Kings Elementary School

  Ed Siarkowicz and Monique Sirios Futch, two of the three principal parthers of The Scud Buster Diaries, were recently invited to attend a science fair at Old Kings Elementary School, Palm Coast. With over 1100 students and parents in attendance, the two Scud Busters presented the importance of weather awareness and showcased video footage and photographs from some of the most memorable of their Flagler County storm chases. In 2015, the storm chase team documented 6 incidents of tornadic rotation and funnel cloud formation that had occurred beneath the Doppler Radar coverage area. Each case resulted in NWS-JAX alerts going out that otherwise would have not been generated due to the gap in radar coverage over Flagler County between Jacksonville and Melbourne Doppler installations. 

Marineland Photography Adventures at Old Kings Elementary School

  Immediately next to The Scud Busters table at Old Kings that night was the Marineland Photography Adventures table. Lisa Fisher, iPhone Photography Instructor exrtrordinaire and DSLR Instructor Ed Siarkowicz were on hand with original pieces of art taken during the "Behind the Scenes" photo-journey on Marineland property. For more information about the classes, scheduling, and pricing, click the Marineland Dolphin Adventure logo above to be redirected to Marineland's web site. 

The Scud Buster Diaries Partners with Flagler County REACT

     Ed Siiarkowicz, the founder of The Scud Buster Diaries has joined the citizen volunteer arm of Flagler County Emergency Services. After attending a Flagler County EOC REACT meeting as a representative of the storm chasing group, he made the committment to activate The Scud Buster Diaries core members and all 40 members of his auxiliary Northeast Florida Weather Spotters group whenever the EOC activates REACT and Skywarn. What does this mean? Every time Flagler County is threatened by inclement weather, not only will there be another 43 sets of eyes on the storm, there will also be a group of people that go out to intercept, photograph, and video the behavior of severe weather. Click on the Scud Buster Diaries logo to go to their Facebook page.

Ed Siarkowicz Photographic Images, LLC,  Launches Washington Oaks Photography Adventures

     In an exclusive agreement with The Friends of Washington Oaks State Park, Ed Siarkowicz has launched Washington Oaks Photography Adventures. Joined by Lisa Fisher of Lisa Fisher Designs, the four hour course traverses both park and beach sides of this literal gem in the Florida State Parks system. With a focus on environmentally sensitive issues and the capture of surviving historical features, both the novice and seasoned photographic professional will be challenged by the search for photographic themes and the exploration of innumerable photographic styles. Both DSLR and iPhone/Android technology platforms are welcome. Click on the Friends of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park logo above to find out more information about the courses. Click on Ed and Lisa's profile photos to explore their personal Facebook pages. 

The Scud Buster Diaries begins filming for FCTV

Stay tuned for the announcement of the release of our first episode. Click on the Flagler County Icon to go to their programming page.

The Scud Buster Diaries now broadcasting LIVE storm chases on Periscope. Click on the icons to go to the Google Play Store!

Ed Siarkowicz becomes the official photographer of the Ancient City Pipes and Drums. Click the photos to go to their Facebook Page. 

The crew of the Scud Buster Diaries at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park's Earth Day celebration. 

Record breaking crowds came past our booth at this year's Earth Day celebration. With nearly 2500 celebrants roaming the grounds that hosted the festivities, we had an awesome time educating the public about weather preparedness in "The Gap". Special thanks to the National Weather Service in Jacksonville, the Flagler County Emergency Operations Center, and Flagler County REACT for their support and supplies of materials that were handed to both adults and children attending the event. 

The first two episodes of The Scud Buster Diaries are now showing on Flagler County Television [FCTV].

If you're not on the Bright House Network click on the flyer below to go to the YouTube link for the show. 

Flagler County includes The Scud Buster Diaries on both their Web Page and YouTube Channel.


We're both honored and excited to have been given a presence on Flagler County's internet and social media footprint. 

Coastal Florida Police & Fire Pipes & Drums goes to the Presidential Inauguration and Ed Siarkowicz is there!

On January 18, 2017, this Flagler County based group of active and retired First Responders traveled to Washington DC after being appointed by the State of Florida to represent them in the Presidential Inauguration Parade. As the band's official photographer, I had the honor of accompanying them. The five day tour included visits to the offices of US Senator Marco Rubio, US Congressman Ron DeSantis, a Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, and the historic mile-and-a-half parade that has been in place since the Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson. What an amazing adventure - including the two and a half hours of Secret Service security procedures! Each of the 32 members of the band in attendance wore "mourning ribbons" bearing the names of the Police and Fire personnel killed in the line of duty in 2016 and 2017.They dedicated their march in the parade to their fallen brothers and sisters. 

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