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Maternal Family History

Schulde     Haag     Wild/Altmeyer     Becker

Statue of Liberty Ellis Island

"Window to Freedom"

The Statue of Liberty from the Immigrant Holding Room, Ellis Island, New York.

     History is our greatest teacher. Being a student of history helps us to understand our present and it can give us valuable insights for our future. Family history, and understanding how world events have shaped the choices and behaviors of our ancestors, can give us a sense of placement in this world and it can help us to reconcile family environments that have molded and shaped our lives. My personal journey in family research began in 1999 when I began to ask one very important question -  "Why?"  Why did some people behave the way that they did? Why have I made some of the choices that I've made? It's been an interesting path full of revelations and surprises and it has all lead to the conclusion that there is no end, only better understanding. Each section of this page will forever be under construction because there is always more to learn. Check back often for updated insights and connections, and feel free to contact me with information and questions. Impressionist.


Mathias Schulde

Mathias George and Margaret Schulde

Circa 1920

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