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E d   S i a r k o w i c z

Ed Siarkowicz Impressionistic Water Reflections

Ed Siarkowicz (Shar-KO-veech) grew up in the Hamlet of Bayport, a small seaside community on the South Shore of New York's Long Island. With nearby Fire Island National Seashore his playground, he established an early relationship with the outdoors and wildlife. His love for photography began when he was nine years-old, after winning a Kodak Instamatic Camera for top product sales in Cub Scouts.

At 15 he joined an age-old tradition, becoming a "Bayman," after obtaining his commercial clamming license. Too young to drive a car, he was dropped off at his boat before dawn. In the afternoon, after selling his day's catch to the local wholesaler, he would pilot his craft, camera in hand, exploring local rivers, estuaries, marshlands, and pine barrens. It was his love and appreciation of nature that would set the stage in 2012 for his being the photographer for the State of Florida's "Rising Sea Level in the Matanzas Basin" study, and in 2014, as a photographer for both the Flagler County Florida Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Development Council.

His photographic vision broadened in 1988 when he traveled cross-country to central Montana working as a research assistant to Paleoicthyologist Dr. Richard Lund. Montana's "Big Sky" landscape and its rugged people captivated his heart. His photographic appreciation of the west deepened two years later on a second cross-country trip, via the southern route, to northern California.

Ed had developed a passion for capturing drama - fierce weather, stunning skies, and people weathered by time and life, when he had a chance encounter with Pierre Matisse. The two became fast friends and under his artistic guidance and teaching, Ed received a new perspective on photography.

Ed's work is on display in the offices of former President George W. Bush, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, U.S. Congressman Michael Waltz, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Florida Senator Travis Hutson. For a list of current shows, click on the "Exhibitions" link above.

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